Welcome to The Door of Clubs website, operated by The Door of Clubs, Inc. (“DoC”) and located at https://www.doorofclubs.com (the “Site”). This Privacy Policy addresses DoC’s practices regarding information collected from visitors of the Site and only addresses information collected directly through or from the Site – it does not address or govern any information-gathering, use, or dissemination practices related to information collected from the visitor (sometimes referred to as a “visitor,” “you” or “your”) other than directly through or from the Site, such as from telephone, facsimile, postal mail, personal delivery, or other or additional offline means or media.

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into DoC’s Terms and Conditions for the Site by reference, as if set forth fully therein, which must be reviewed and accepted by you. The Site is not intended for children under the age of 18. It does not knowingly collect personal information online from visitors in this age group.

If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, please contact by email at info@doorofclubs.com

  1. Collection of Personal Information from Site Visitors. In addition to other collection methods specifically set forth herein, DoC may collect: (a) the email addresses of users that communicate with DoC via email; and (b) information knowingly provided by the user through the Site in online informational sections, including any contact, registration, or application forms. DoC may also use Internet cookies and other identifiers or methods of web analysis (such as Google Analytics) to gather, store, and track certain information related to your visit to and activity on the Site. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of your information being used in this way, most computer systems and web browsers offer privacy settings and options, such as disabling cookies or opting for “Do Not Track” features. DoC does not override these settings or options, and encourages you to use them to enhance your choices and personalize your experiences. However, in order to access certain content, features, services, products or benefits on the Site, you may be required to provide DoC with certain information, including some types of personally identifying information such as your email, educational institution, business affiliation, address, and phone number. If you do not wish to provide such information through the Site or if you opt to utilize the aforementioned privacy features of your computer system or web browser, you may not be able to obtain certain content, features, services, products or benefits of the Site.
  2. Use of Personal Information Collected. Personal information collected by DoC may be used by DoC for limited purposes, including recordkeeping, editorial and feedback purposes, content improvement, or to customize the content and layout of the Site. Personally identifying information, such as names, postal and email addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information voluntarily provided to DoC may be added to DoC’s databases and used for future contact regarding updates to the Site or new services provided by DoC. From time to time, DoC may need to contact you regarding information you submitted to DoC. You agree that DoC may use your personal information for such contact with you. DoC may also desire to contact you for market research purposes or to provide you with marketing information that DoC believes would be of particular interest. You will have the option of not being contacted by DoC and opting-out of such contacts by selecting the opt-out option in your profile.
  3. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third parties. Except as specifically set forth herein, any personally-identifying information that you provide to DoC through the Site will not be disclosed to third parties not affiliated with DoC. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any information you submit to DoC, including any personally-identifying information you include in your personal profile with the Site, may be viewed and accessed by others, and may be indexed and displayed through the Site’s internal search engines and other publicly accessible search engines, such as Google®. Your personally-identifying information may also be disclosed to third parties in order to verify that information, including by contacting your educational institution or business affiliation, and in order to provide you with the services requested through the Site, including to third party payment processors for the processing of payments. Identifying and non-identifying user information and data may also be disclosed or distributed to a third party with which DoC enters or reasonably may enter into a corporate transaction, such as, for example, a merger, consolidation, acquisition, or asset purchase, or to a third party pursuant to a subpoena, court order, or other form of legal process, in response to a request by or on behalf of any local, state, federal, or other government agency, department, or body, whether or not pursuant to a subpoena, court order, or other form of legal process, or if determined by DoC in its sole judgment that such disclosure or distribution is appropriate to protect the life, health, or property of DoC or any other person or entity. In addition, identifying and non-identifying user information and data may be provided to third parties that contract with DoC to provide products, information, or other services that DoC believes that visitors to the Site may be interested in obtaining. While DoC may undertake efforts to see that any third party to which DoC discloses personally-identifying information is under an obligation to use the personal information solely for the purposes for which the information was disclosed, such third parties are independent third parties over which DoC exercises no control. DoC is not responsible for, and will not be liable for, the conduct, actions, omissions, or information handling or dissemination practices of third parties.
  4. Links to Other Sites. The Site may also contain links to third party websites. The Site may contain links to other Internet websites for the convenience of users in locating information, products, or services that may be of interest. If you access a third party website from a link on this Site, any information you disclose on that website is not subject to this Privacy Policy. It is possible that these links may be used by third parties or others to collect personal or other information about you. DoC is not responsible for the privacy practices of such websites, advertisers, or third parties or the content of such websites and it is your sole obligation to review and understand the privacy practices and policies of these other websites. DoC does not control these third parties’ use of cookies, collection of information, or how they manage such information. It is solely your obligation to review and understand the privacy practices and policies of these other websites, advertisers and any third parties.
  5. Comments and User Content. All materials or comments posted to public areas of the Site are public. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for further details concerning User Content and other materials submitted to the Site. As such, DoC assumes no liability for the accuracy of such information, no duty to update or correct such information, and no liability for such communications arising under the laws of copyright, libel, privacy, obscenity, or otherwise.
  6. Security Measures and Communicating with DoC. Please be advised that the security and confidentiality of any communication or material transmitted through the Internet, including via the Site or email, cannot be and is not guaranteed. You acknowledge that the technical processing and transmission of the Site’s content may be transferred unencrypted and may involve: (a) transmissions over various networks; and (b) changes to conform and adapt to technical requirements of connecting networks or devices. Accordingly, DoC is not responsible for the security of information transmitted via the Internet.
  7. Access to and Ability to Correct Personal Information; Opt-Out Right. Upon your request, DoC will provide you with a summary of any personally-identifying information retained by DoC that has been voluntarily provided by you to DoC through email, contact forms, or other online avenues. You may modify, correct, change, or update this information by contacting DoC at the email address set forth above. In addition, except as necessary to obtain the services or information requested through the Site, you may opt out of having your personally-identifying information prospectively retained by DoC by contacting DoC at the email address set forth above. This provision does not apply to collection of through the standard data tracking features of the Site, such as Internet cookies and other identifiers or methods of web analysis, or to any other information that does not meet the description hereunder. As set forth above, many computer systems and web browsers offer privacy settings and options that may allow you to opt-out of some of these data tracking and collection methods.
  8. Right to Change Privacy Policy. DoC reserves the right at any time to modify, alter or update this Privacy Policy. Your use of the Site following any changes means that you agree to follow and be bound by the Privacy Policy as changed. Any change to this Privacy Policy shall be effective as to any visitor who has visited the Site before the change was made. It is the obligation of users visiting the Site before the change to learn of changes to the Privacy Policy since their last visit.

Dated: September 17, 2018

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